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Crimes on the web, the crimes of the century-


With broad participation of professionals, journalists and the general public, The meeting highlighted the uses and abuses in the handling of data in public administration, and a clear picture of the types of crime on the web and the risks we incur when citizens have a cell, a computer or a simple game console, It is the first municipality to take this issue to generate collective consciousness.



With the presence of outstanding professionals in the subject as doctors and Diego Luis Nocera Migliorisi, hand National Congresswoman Gabriela Burgos and with the support of the Municipality of San Salvador de Jujuy with the figure of Agustina Apaza, Secretary of Finance, crimes carried out the first training on Ciber intended for public administration staff, healthcare professionals, The education, the media and the wider community.




Diego Migliorisi -Luis Nocera – Gabriela Burgos


In this ambit, Agustina Apaza, welcomed the initiative of the national representative, Gabriela Burgos "cybercrimes often talked about in the third person. We forget that we are all exposed, either from our workplace as well as personally. This talk highlighted the uses, abuses and risks in data management in public administration, as well as a broad overview of the existing legal regulations and legal "

This problem has been addressed at the national level so far this year, He remarked Congresswoman Gabriela Burgos, waiting for clear progress "today we must be aware and know what we're talking about when we touch the subject of web and cybercrimes. Knowing the risks and consequences when executing actions. While it may sound harsh, the web does not forget or erase, all our actions are recorded and can bring irreparable consequences for us or harm to others, recognizing that teenagers and children are the most vulnerable public "

In the lectures, Dr Migliorsi much el como el Dr. Nocera, through real examples they demonstrated how the simple use of a cell in the wrong way and leaves us exposed to different threats. WiFi without proper monitoring or bluetooth activated in situations that warrant no longer makes us vulnerable, where our information, our data, and consequently our privacy are the crime scene.

"We must realize from homes and be responsible with games of our children," remarked Dr.. Nocera, They explaining the actions of those who are "attentive to act", Entering from a simple game to play or activating cellular litter or computer while a child is playing with her.

Through horrifying statistics that put Argentina as the 5th largest consumer of child pornography and within the first produce, from different areas is paramount information, education and real awareness.

"We talk about heinous crimes committed through the web, such as child sexual abuse, the issue of human trafficking, own crimes Site (bullying , sexting, among others) so a wide panorama opens on these new criminal actions taken ", Burgos said the congresswoman, remarking that there are cases where justice had to change the identity of some people to move on with their lives, and other, It was reached extreme cases as suicide, "We talk about crimes that can change our lives and threatening them".


"Report is the first step"


Specialists advised parents on the subject. The first is to try to be present, talking to children, never challenge them, since the child / a containment should feel your family to tell what happened. Confidence in the main engine along with containment and support to make the complaint, where the person "feels exposed, and even violated responsible "

Another point is "Do not delete anything", take screen shots as possible, copy https, guard photos, chat and videos that will serve time research.



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