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Liegh was studying eighth grade when they started derogatory messages. Emails and text messages received, and comments posted on the Internet on it got worse until it reached a point where it had to change study center.


Leigh says that exceeded this experience becoming more conscious of itself and being more empathetic with others. It was a terrible stage, says, but, with advice and support from adults and friends, was able to make sense of what had happened.

Most people on is cyberbullying. Here are some suggestions on what to do if you or someone you know you see yourself involved in this type of harassment.

What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying involves using technology to threaten, shame, intimidate or criticize another person. Online Threats, rude text messages, derogatory message sent via Twitter, Comments posted on Internet…, everything counts. And also the fact hang on Internet information or personal videos to hurt or embarrass another person.

Cyberbullying also includes those pictures, messages or hung websites that can not be uninstalled or cancel, even after having requested. In other words, everything hangs on the Internet with the intention of harming another person.

In some situations, cyberbullying is discriminatory. The intimidating or disparaging comment that focus on aspects such as gender, religion, sexual orientation, race or physical differences of people belong to this type of harassment. Whether they are made in person or using technology, these acts are considered forms of discrimination and go against the law in many states. This implies that law enforcement could intervene and stalkers could face serious penalties.

Online harassment can be especially painful and offensive, as it is usually anonymous and is very difficult to identify the stalker. People can be haunted for the 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every time you see the phone or computer. Sometimes, You may not be aware of what is said behind or where it came from so much evil.

Cyber ​​bullying is easier to make than other types of harassment, since the harasser does not have to face his victim in person.

Virtual Instruments, real consequences

Because of the role that technology plays in our lives, there is often no place to hide from cyberbullies. Online harassment can occur at home, in the study center or any other place where a person can connect.

Sometimes, cyberbullying, like any other kind of harassment, exposes the victim to major problems: the stress of living in a constant state of alert and fear can cause problems in the mood, the power level, sleep and appetite. You can also make the victim feel uneasy, anxious and / or sad. If a person was already depressed or anxious before harassment, the fact sufrilo may further worsen things.

Not only is the harassed person who suffers. The punishment they receive cyberbullies may become important. More and more research centers and extracurricular activities that create systems to respond to cyberbullying. There are centers that expel bullies sports teams and even schooling. There are some types of cyberbullying that violate the codes of the tanks and / or even violate anti-discrimination laws, so that the harasser may face significant legal problems.

Why is committed?

How can someone become a cyberbully? There are probably as many reasons as bullies.

Sometimes, what appears to be cyber bullying can occur in a completely accidental. The impersonal nature of text messages, Comments that are posted on the Internet and other forms of online communication may hinder identification tone the poster, making it difficult to distinguish between a joke and something that is not.

Anyway, Most people know when you are being stalked, since the harassment involves incessant use of threats and / or insults. People who commit acts of harassment also knows that he has crossed the line. This is not a joke or an insult isolated character, it is insulting and / or constant threats

What to do?

If you are being harassed, if someone is picking on you using hurtful comments or if you know someone who is undergoing this type of behavior, there is no reason for you to suffer in silence. In fact, You should inform someone about all SMS, text messages, electronic and similar CoreOS of offensiveness you receive.

Explain it to someone. Most experts agree that the first thing to do is to tell a trusted adult. Is something that is easier said than done. The beleaguered people may feel embarrassed or having reluctance to report the stalker. Some people doubt at this point because they are not safe to 100% about whom you could try. But this type of harassment can be further intensified, so that explains what happens to you until you find someone who can help you.

Most parents are so concerned about protecting their children sometimes focus on preventive measures to stop harassment. If someone is harassing you and you fear losing your privileges to use the phone or connect to Internet, explain your fears with your parents. Tell them how important it is for you to be connected and collaborate with them until you find a solution that does not involve any punishment for you. You should also negotiate with them on the safe use of phone and computer, and the most important thing is to start to keep under control harassment.

You can also talk to your school counselor, a psychologist, a professor of trust or a member of your family. If the bullying you is sinking completely (if you is affecting sleep or concentration capacidade), the fact talk to a professional you could help a lot. If you're not prepared to go to a professional, seeks support in a trusted adult.

Stay away. What works with harassment own real-world person also works with cyberbullying own virtual world. Ignore the bully is the mejer way to extract power, but not always easy to do (both the real world and the virtual).

If someone is bothering you, Test disconnect the computer or turn off the phone for a while. Do not answer (or you forward it to someone else's message). Find something to distract. Do something you're passionate about and stop you thinking about the offensive messages you're getting, how to play guitar, go for a run, read a good book or watching a good movie. You can also chat with one of your parents or your brother or play with your pet.

Take a break will help to relativize things and focus on the good in life. It will also give some more time to think about how you want to take things.

Do not be tempted to respond or retaliate. If you walk away and you take a break you will not let in to the temptation to retaliate and enzarzarte in a virtual fight with the bully or bullies. Respond when you feel offended may worsen things even more. (Stand up to the bully may work sometimes, but chances are the bully feels provoked and intensified harassment). If you take a breath, You will recover back your power!

If possible, preserves evidence of bullying. Although not a good idea to respond to the harasser, it is convenient to keep all your messages to demonstrate acts of harassment. No need you to keep emails, text messages or other communications in a place where you can see is steady. You can be the forward to a parent or save them to a USB memory.

Report the harassment to the Internet server. Some Internet sites, as Facebook and YouTube, They take it very seriously when people use its services to post messages or cruel or derogatory content or create fake accounts. If a user reports a misuse, as harassment, the administrator can block the bully, preventing use the service in the future. If you are being harassed through mobile messages and / or email, You can complain to the telephone service or email administrator (como Gmail, Verizon, Comcast y Yahoo).

Block the bully. Most electronic and computer devices have functions that allow electronically block the bully or bullies. If you do not know how to use this feature, Just ask a friend or an adult.

Connect with security. Password protects your mobile phone and your Internet accounts, and often change passwords. Be sure not share your passwords with anyone other than your parents or guardians. It is also desirable think twice before sharing personal information via Internet, fotos o videos, you do not want to reach everyone. Once a photo or household hangs on Internet, it may be difficult or impossible to talk. So be careful when you hang photos or respond to offensive messages from other people.

If the harasser is your friend

If you have a friend that you know you are acting as cyber stalker, meet with him alone to talk of respect. Without paying less, defending your own principles: let him know that what he is doing is wrong.

Explain that bullying can have serious consequences, for both the bully, and the victim of harassment and witnesses, among whom will you include. Evil is like pollution, can affect all present, that they may feel stressed or offended by what is happening. Do whatever you can to build an environment free from bullies!


8 Responses to Surviving cyberbullying

  • Patricia says:

    My daughter and her fellow CBC at the Faculty of Political Science harassed by a colleague with disabilities .No problems only in cyberspace but their ways are blocking networks and appears with another profile that should do may leave a constancy harassment of this person Thanks

  • liliana says:

    I met my current partner ago 10 years old. I'm a doctor of the Italian Hospital I had 38 and the 42. separate both, childless. Our relationship began as something very casual, but over time it has grown and we fell in love. My partner had a relationship with someone when we met, but he decided to stay with me. Our life today is unbearable because X not to send mails , intuit that changing characters, We blanked and reappears and not content with this invades my work mail and contact my working relationships. Call my office. Needless to say what he does with it. He has called all his relatives, once I paint the front of the cas of my in-laws and Office appeared to threaten my mother who has 83 years old. We did a consultation for years, but they recommended doing nothing. It is true? Not well spasms, but I find it very embarrassing to bother my colleagues all the time. And obviously nobody wants problems and angry with me for the trouble. What I do?

  • Maximiliano says:

    I spend exactly the same thing to you fake profiles insulting me write every day , and this takes time .. (6 months) What I can do ? please help

  • Pablo says:

    Hello. I've looked everywhere and nobody could help me. I think you, maybe, they can do. My situation is harassment by a woman who lives in another country, we conosimos on a trip I made two years ago… internet relationship we had but it was a bad idea to know… today I do not know, It is totally crazy and obsessed… constantly writes to my current partner, parese Spying every detail of our lives in networks (all) and my partner sends old photos continuously! Orribles writes things, sends you catch when he spoke with me, Has no sense. we “overcome” but we can not live in peace! writes all from different profiles facebook, instagram, etc… I do not know what to do, really it is ruining my life… my problem would be solved and can lock a region (parents), it seems that social cattle conciene them such problems, because that option is not exoste… Maybe there's some kind of trick that you can advise me. I dont know. Or I want to ask anything from your contacts because everything I do is worse, and talking obviously never entiendio… I just want to continue my life in peace… The person is mexico. please, any ideas, O “trick” that might help would be great !! Thank you.

  • Maria Emilia says:

    Hello months my daughter does 16 years receives harassment networks makes the point 4 l try to take life months ago one day received many derogatory messages and wishing his death where I have to resort apparently is a . Companion

  • CAMILA says:

    Good afternoon,
    My name is Camila, the reason for my email is to receive advice on a situation that I acontese ago 6 years or more.
    I started to get messages with pictures by many people (initially 3) where I report that a person is impersonating me. In the photos you can send me see my picture with a false name: SILVINA COOS (Currently social network profile on instagram SILVINA.NICOLE_).
    At that time I was very scared, but I thought that maybe it would be a joke at some point would end.
    With the passage of time following sending me photos where that person was posting my photos, making fake profiles to my friends in order to associate my image. All this came to point out on the street and call me by that name, Silvina.
    Twice a year they send me messages telling me they saw my photos in forums sexual content, where what you see is a picture of my face, followed by a photo showing parts of a body that clearly is not mine.
    I do not know what else to do. Harassment is now the social network Instagram, a profile is made, I report and automatically renames and continues its purpose.
    I feel persecuted and very afraid. Rcibí messages also threatening to hit me for girls “talking to her boyfriend” when in fact I'm not, It is this person who uses my image and makes many things I do not know.
    Two years ago I received a message from a man about 60 years old, which tells me that this person “He loves it” and he wanted to meet me because he felt disillusioned.
    I need to know who denounce this. I apologize if this mail does not correspond to your recipient, but really because I am afraid. This is harassment.

    Thank you very much

  • christian says:

    good afternoon. ya hace un año y tres meses. vengo siendo acosado por una chica. a la cual trato de no hablar con ella bajo ningun punto. ella lo que hace es insultar a los contactos . al principio lo hacia y me causaba risa . pero fueron pasando los mees y sigue haciendo lo mismo. yo lo que hacia para saber si estaba entre contactos con perfiles truchos. era escribir algo lindo. ya que ella reaccionaba ante eso. y de esa manera ese contacto mio revisaba sus contactos. para ver quien podria ser . tiene muchas cuentas truchas. molesta no solo a mi, sino a mi familia amigos amigas y mi actual pareja. me llama a cuaklquier hora con anonimo. la verdad nose que puedo hacer. poor favor ayuda. Thank you

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