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Investigadores Kaspersky Lab reported that recently found a new piece of Android malware with sophisticated design to steal banking credentials of a user. The malware is similar to other schemes that have been before to the extent that intelligently uses phishing attacks designed to trick users in order to send your ID and password bank.


Most worrisome is that the malware is able to intercept, delete and forward text messages even banking institutions. The danger is twofold run: first, some banks send users an alert or notification when suspicious activity is detected bank, if the malware can delete such messages, users remain oblivious to the fact that your account may have been compromised; in second, some banks have security protocols that require user authentication for certain transactions or unusual banking via SMS. The report notes that “malware can counteract mobile security solutions that are popular in Russia to complete the processes.”

Kaspersky added that malware spreads through network advertising Google AdSense:

This morning we met a gratuitous act of violence against Android users. Just watch your favorite news sites during your morning coffee, they may end up downloading last-browser-update.apk, a banking Trojan detected by Kaspersky Lab as Trojan-Banker.AndroidOS.Svpeng.q. Are you there, minding your own business, reading the news and BOOM! There are no additional clicks or following links necessary. And be careful, Still out there! It turns out that the malicious program is downloaded through the Google advertising network AdSense. It is advised that many sites use this network (not only news sites) to display advertising to users. The Trojan is downloaded as soon as you visit a page with the announcement.

Importantly, Kaspersky said the malware, for now, only it appears for users in Russia. The problem was solved quickly and Google reports that there is no indication that the problem will affect more than one website.

Source: Yahoo JH

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