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Interview with Marcelo Romero analysis expert information -Division cybercrime police of the Province Bs. As.

1) What are the most common cybercrime ?
The most common are information theft, in the form of Phishing, although darkly and a high index of child pornography, some sectors argue that it is much more common than people think, the lack of reliable statistics and public, It makes it hard to tell one or another position.-
2) Considers that anonymity on the Internet as a major obstacle to research?
While it is an obstacle, It would not be the greatest impediments to investigate a crime, personally I feel that the lack of training on cybercrime and new modus operandi is the greatest obstacle to justice is when responding to the victims of these.-
3) From cyber crimes , wifi zones or anonymous proxies use different methodologies for research ?
And, clear ... no matter the medium, each offense on which technology is used is unique, and this is because the technology is advancing faster than laws, every minute, a developer user goes up new applications, every hour, a researcher found a security flaw. This makes every offense which is exploited this, You will have to research in different ways.-
4) What are the benefits it has brought to the investigation of cybercrime called BigData?
He Big Data O Massive data is a concept that refers to the accumulation of large amounts of data.-
This has resulted in each LAN remaining income record of it somewhere, which uses a good Ciberinvestigador collecting each of these indications, to rebuild the investigated fact and so to bring the offender to justice. So as we see in a movie Sherlock Home is connected each of the clues and solving a case ends, the ciberinvestigadores, They collect these signs that are on the network, to reconstruct the event and give the author, another benefit that can get to be exposed, Big Data is recognizing that would become synonymous with FINGERPRINT ONLINE.
5) Considers important policy framework that requires local ISP connection ip saving their customers?
It's very important, as this would give security forces the opportunity to demand in the relevant legal frameworks, Connection log of offenders entering the RED. and mainly regulate this activity by providing some prospered only tacitly anonymity.-
6) Is an obstacle the time it takes to officially receive a requested test a power extanjera?
If that is a very big obstacle, in matters of life and death or where facts at risk of life or safety of a child by example. the security forces have to wait on occasion even months for a company meets an Argentine judicial office, and in many cases by their own law they are not obliged to answer, this leaves the good will of those who received the request from across the world, as framing its laws, and especially that you understand ... (I have had, send a request to Hong Kong and Shanghai for an emergency in the issue of child pornography, where he ran less risk of life, and the company, He has bounced on several occasions orders, for small legal potholes, sending the response ends at the insistence of the researcher), then it shows that goodwill, save a life, but not so, the legality of forms.
7) The vicitmas of computer crimes and those committed over the Internet. What percentage unreported?
Only today it denounces 30 a 35% cases, this can only be measured in directions of the Ministry of Security in the direction of cybercrime, But back to the previous question, the absence of a public observatory on these new crimes, It makes it difficult to respond.-
8) In our organized crime (Drug, weapons, trafficking in persons, organs, Trafficking, selling stolen material, terrorism ,etc) You have begun to use the web as a primary tool of their operations. This accordingly.
I agree, but this is not new, ORGANIZED CRIME coming several years dabbling in technology, and take advantage of this as it increases profit and lower investment costs at the time of forming criminal gangs. The lack of coordination between forces specialized in this area, thinking this to be 5 types of security forces, they do not exchange information with each other, It makes it difficult to be able to actually measure the power of the offender.
-If yes: This new modus operandi began in the deep web and is currently landing on the surface web?
No, began in the surface web, then mutated into what is known as Deep Web, since this is newer than the last, and the offender, tempted computer experts to participate in crimes such advisers, as bandan until they can train their own computer expert to give them the support.-
- The offender and / or criminal organizations feel more comfortable operating from the web ?
It is not only more comfortable, It is that a lot lower costs when investing for crimes each larger by large concentrations see data in one place or virtual wallets, and anonymities and resource constraints that have to invest makes it very special this new form of crime.-
9) He considers that crimes that are committed via the Internet and computer crime itself will increase in the coming years ? Why ?
Not only will increase, They will be almost the only way to commit crimes, life as we know it is mutating into the digital age, children are born with the technology and the virtual space Virtually his new position to play, this makes the offender, found on the Internet a new space and almost unique to commit a crime.
Imagine that there are virtual wallets FOR SAFETY, which they are attacked from anywhere in the world this opened a sumo fan and not only national but transnational criminals.-
10) That legal and procedural tools should punish estimated Congrso or respective national control authorities to achieve a more efficient research ?
All the tools are incorporated into the security forces, They are welcome, regulate and create public action protocols for computer crime is impresindible and especially the skills they need to regulate security forces, that should have a good foundation and a special profile to be investigating these new indications are today the only po today that leaves the offender, and if the ciberinvestigador not recognize both justice and the force will have lost the battle.-

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