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AALCC seminar at Casa Rosada

In the Attorney General of the City and the Corps of judicial investigations

With Congresswoman Gabriela Burgos , president of the Criminal Law Committee

Karina Banfi Congresswoman , vice president of the commission of freedom of expression of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation.

Next to the Under Secretary of Human Rights of the Nation


Diego Migliorisi , Luis Nocera , Jorge Cocenza of AALCC were received by the Minister of Security and Justice Dr City. Martin Ocampo

Along the deputy Fernando Sanchez , Luis Nocea, Diego Migliorisi , Daniel Giler , Hernan Reyes and Jorge Cosenza

With the legal and technical secretary of the nation Dr. Pablo Clusellas , Raul Sancho Ministry of Security of the province of Buenos Aires . Luis Nocera Migliorisi y Diego de la AALCC

Diego Migliorisi and Marcelo Romero set out in the Criminal Law Committee of Deputies


Gurruchaga 483 - Capital Federal.