05 May 2016

Campaign against cyberbullying – By Lucas Vasquez Topssian

We keep hearing people and receiving support to fight cyberbullying . During the 2016 We will move to incorporate this malicious drive the criminal code.
On Friday 29 April conference held “Cyberbullying: phenomenon and prevention”, by the lic. Lucas Vazquez Topssian, held at the Polytechnic Institute Model.
With great teaching, professional raised from the beginning that being cyber-bullying phenomenon, it was essential not to be fooled by appearances and try to account for the causes that originated. In his presentation he developed concepts such as aggression, group phenomena and Internet “as the new agora, the square where today we are all part”.
In his dissertation, he placed the different types of participants -agresor, victim and observers- and he explained their interrelation in the virtual scene. Defining aggressive speech as a form of social bond, He gave specifics about the aggressor and presented statistics to the damage of the victim.
The speaker put much emphasis on the different types of prevention – primary, secondary and tertiary-
With clinical suspicion, Vazquez Topssian not content to expose data and capped the game with a case study for students to debate about guilt and responsibility of each person involved in the same. further, He opened the question of the relationship of CB with other crimes such as grooming. He said: “Everything closes very well in theory, but in reality a case, the thing is not so clear