27 Jan 2016

Daniel Giller – Security Specialist- founder of the AALCC

1) Regarding spyware such as Trojans called. He believes that with the advancement of technology the common user can use it more easily ?
1) While with technological advancement lot of tools are available to all, the development and use of programs called Trojan remains to specialists or people with a deep knowledge of computing. Moreover, there are spyware on both PC and mobile that anyone can download and install, there are free and paid and allow, for instance, read mails, read documents, capture passwords, read messages, Facebook, eavesdrop on Skype, etc.
But the greatest threat is in Smartphones, We are underestimating their capabilities and it is unusual that users have installed an antivirus or security program being that if spyware is installed not only can hear conversations and read all messages, but also know the location via GPS, activate the camera, audio and video recording, take pictures, capture passwords, etc.
2) That way you can install a spyware program on your computer ?

There are several ways that you have the malware to enter your computer, You can be infected by connecting a pendrive, a CD, open an infected attachment from an email, visiting malicious websites which are designed to accept visitors by deception, without knowing it, installing a program, browser plugin or application. Some browsers have a “blacklist” with pages denounced as dangerous and warn us before opening.

3) That way we can realize that we have a spyware program installed?. All antivirus detect it?
We must see that no strange behaviors on the computer, excessive delays throughout the system, messages on your desktop, pop-ups that open at any time, programs that do not start, Internet by going to immediately open multiple windows and pages unsolicited, etc. these behaviors do not necessarily indicate that we have installed a spy program, but are hints to consider.
Antivirus are preventive, this means they are efficient to a recognized threat, if the spyware is new or antivirus company still has not found protection will not stop the threat. However it is essential to have the active antivirus and updated at all times.
Just as in cars we make a preventive service, computers also must submit to periodic checks by qualified technicians in computer security.
4) Internet thinks its structure and constant innovation never find a stadium security in full ?
Total security does not exist, I think the contrary, as there are more Internet innovations, more likely they will try to undermine those systems. We need to become conscious of how vulnerable we put data on the Internet, what gets on the network does not come out anymore. Each user of computer systems has to take basic steps to protect themselves safe browsing web pages, having antivirus and anti spyware programs either on the PC and mobile devices, no downloading or unrecognized programs from unsafe sites or applications, not opening attachments that we are not waiting, not connecting external devices (Pen drive, external disk, etc.) we are sure they are clean and scanning them before making any action.
5) The advance of terrorism and organized crime in cyberspace is a threat to the internal security of Argentina?.
The use of the Internet by criminal organizations and terrorists is a threat not only to the security of Argentina, it is a global phenomenon, the use of cyberspace eliminates borders and globalizing the most heinous crimes such as child pornography, trafficking, recruitment by terrorist groups, etc. and it allows them to operate anonymously doing very difficult, by security agencies, the prosecution of these criminals, on the one hand by the use of encryption for communication of offenders and on the other by the various jurisdictions where these organizations and make complex coordination of the security forces of the various countries concerned messages
6) In their experience. What should be modified or incorporated in research into cyber crime or crimes configured via internet ?
On the one hand the legislation should provide tools for research as saving traffic and typing some specific crimes committed through Internet that are not covered at present.
It is also essential to have judges and special prosecutors with highly trained personnel to investigate cybercrimes, as a body of experts qualified. To this we must adapt the curricula of law and related careers contemplating new crimes and their dynamics.
While security services have specialized staff, should ensure ongoing training as this type of crime has a high rate of mutation.