05 May 2017

Is there a blue whale? Lic. Lucas Vazquez Topssian

Is there a blue whale?

Definitely, the last major case which professionals have to deal, is that of "La Ballena Azul". supposedly, This is a game that proposes -in participants mostly young and teens- fifty challenges to meet, including courts and self-harm include, and ending with suicide as the ultimate challenge to complete the game. One of the most shocking evidence of the challenge would be recorded with a knife on the skin drawing of a whale, representing the game. Teens receive messages on your phone or profiles of Facebook or other social networks to join cliques and participate in the game.


No one can pinpoint where the game came, but it is believed he was born in Russia a couple of years ago and has caused several suicides. He was recently arrested a person in that country, who is considered the author of the game.

The media have wasted no time and before the stunning news, They have devoted notes and talking about what could be the plot of a horror movie. Obviously, if the sources were not enough to clarify the question or justify the truth of the fact, a shocking photos of cuts and drawings with phrases in Russian did.

The case was addressed not only by the media. The City Attorney herself believed in its truthfulness and offered phone-FISCAL 0800-33 (0800-33-34-7225) for those who observe any strange behavior ask for help during 24 hours of the day. We can not blame, but good intentions, this is what we eventually:

We have been so irresponsible with the information and we have finally created the blue whale retroactively. We have given consistency and if someone demonstrated with evidence that the blue whale does not exist, nothing guarantees that lose their effectiveness. People have a very particular way to create our reality. Freud said that the ghost of each constituted with traces of things seen or heard, so, How you are not being fed a scene of self-destruction there?

I propose that the debate about the existence of the blue whale, in these coordinates, it does not matter. There will be, to the extent that the game exists in the psychic reality of each subject. It takes little memory to remember that something similar already happened before. some teenagers last decade gathered in blogs to worship the goddess Mine (bulimia) and Ana (anorexia), Figures imposed on them long and dangerous fasts, among other activities as taking cold baths, cut and in extreme cases, commit suicide. Any skeptic will say that Ana and Mia do not exist, but who has addressed these cases may account for the effectiveness of those goddesses.

Lic. Lucas Vazquez Topssian is Director of the Department of Psychology of the Argentina Association to Fight Cybercrime.