29 May 2017

The AALCC Deputies – Criminal Law Committee . Diego Migliorisi and Marcelo Romero with Congresswoman Gabriela Burgos

The Criminal Law Committee of the Chamber of Deputies gave advice to a project that criminalizes simple possession of child pornography and an initiative that increases the penalties for those who agredan doctors and teachers in their establishments.

The project on child pornography seeks to simple possession is considered a crime, as currently only marketing and distribution are penalized. "Today, when you can not verify that fact, pornographic material is seized of consumers of child pornography, It must be returned. Actually the person who consume such material is accepting the violation of the rights of girls and boys ", said Deputy María Gabriela Burgos, Chair of Criminal Law.

In this frame, exposed cybercrime experts, who addressed the dissemination of images that affect sexual integrity of children and sexting, as it is called the phenomenon of messages with pornographic content via cell.

The head of the NGO "Mom online", Roxana Dominguez, He stressed that "no one has the right to satisfy their sexual desires with images of our children" and called for criminalizing Hentai, genre of Japanese origin, which he described as "the greatest uptake under worldwide".

While, Marcelo Romero, expert analysis of information from the Police Cybercrime Division of the province of Buenos Aires, He called "teach our children safe surfing" and said that "every time someone looks at a picture of abused children, these children are again victims ".

For its part, vice president of the Argentina Association to Fight Cybercrime (AALCC), Diego Migliorisi, He considered that "it is essential that owns or punish collects child pornography". "What Internet enters never leaves, the only way to stop child pornography is to condemn ", He added to MPs.

In this sense, specialists demurred to the initial approval of the Senate on sexting by the inability to comply with the last paragraph of the text, which specifies remove material from the web. They argued that it is "technically impossible" completely eliminate the material, so that the text will Advisors.

also, the Criminal Law Committee gave a favorable release for a bill that toughens penalties for those who agredan teachers and doctors when they perform their tasks or are within their establishments. "We have heard of cases of teachers assaulted and we note that these attacks are a constant. So we want to give an answer from the legislative, with a project that we have worked hard ", Burgos explained.

font : http://laborlegislativa.com/penas-para-la-tenencia-de-pornografia-infantil-y-para-las-agresiones-a-docentes-y-medicos/