26 Aug 2017

The AALCC in Entre Rios . Marcelo R. Romero issued a new seminar on cybercrime in the city of Parana , province declared interest by the Chamber of Deputies of the province

Marcelo R. Romero issued a new seminar on cybercrime in the city of Parana declared of provincial interest in the Chamber of Deputies of the province.

Over 200 Participants began in Paraná a seminar on cybercrime

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The seminar takes place from Wednesday and runs until Friday.

In order to train judicial officers and police, professionals and university students, the Ministry of Government and Justice, through Police Entre Rios, initiated the Seminar on Cybercrime and Forensics applied to the Criminal Investigation. Activity involved more than 200 provincial agents. "Entre Rios is not oblivious to these crimes and from the police force have issued numerous warnings for the community about this new form of crime", said the police chief, Gustavo Maslein.The constant technological development involves changes in the forms of crime, resulting in both the diversification of traditional crimes such as the emergence of new illegal figures. In this frame, They have taken various relevant criminal modalities, which they have in common the use of internet for execution.

Maslein he reported: "The seminar, which starts Wednesday and runs until Friday, It developed under the Program for Training and Professionalization being developed in the Police of Entre Rios. Estamos muy satisfechos por la amplia convocatoria y esperamos que integrantes de la fuerza policial, personal judicial y estudiantes universitarios, puedan aprovechar estas herramientas para la investigación de delitos”.

For its part, el director de Institutos Policiales, Sergio Rebolloso saludó la presencia de Marcelo Romero, funcionario del cuerpo de Investigaciones Judiciales del Ministerio Público Fiscal de la ciudad de Buenos Aires y miembro de la Asociación Argentina de Lucha contra el Cibercrimen, who he is in charge of training.

"It is a great pride for the police institution have this training aims to provide officials and security agents, tools on Cybercrime. Train and professionalize forces, It is a primary guideline in which we have been working for the Police of Entre Rios ", detailed Rebolloso.

"The main objective of this conference is to exchange knowledge in the field, understanding that crimes are now on the web. As a first step we will work on the National Computer Crime Act and then go dissecting each case to reach mobile devices ", He said his time, Marcelo Romero.

This course has been completed successfully and great call in the provinces of Salta and Santa Fe, and it has been declared interest in Entre Rios by the Chamber of Deputies of the province.

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