The Directorate of the Department of Psychology of the AALCC provides counseling for adults, couples and families victims of cybercrime, as well as professionals who work with this problem.

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Frequent questions:

1) Should I pay something for orientation?

No. The Argentina Association to Fight Cybercrime is a non-profit, which opens the doors to the community to prevent and address related to cybercrime cases.

2) I live far from the headquarters of the AALCC, How I can check?

You can make Skype consultation, mode often chosen by their ability to shorten the distance. Sending an email to the address listed above, You can coordinate the meeting this way for a day and a specific time.

3) Why should consult cases?

Although each situation is unique and no two cases are alike, most of the queries can be grouped into the following groups:

computer harassment: It is a sustained assault in time, in which a person or group of persons is attacked through digital media, by insults, threats, disclosure of intimate or false information, among other form. It has names and characteristics depending on the area where it occurs. cyberbullying, common among adolescents, It occurs in education. At work, It appears in the form of mobbing. There may also be computer harassment in the intimacy of a couple.

Grooming: New technologies have updated old problem. Grooming involves those actions taken by an adult in order to gain the trust of a child and later to sexually abuse him. It is an extremely delicate situation that must be addressed without losing time.

Assist parents: Often parents feel worried and / or overwhelmed by the behavior of their children on the net. How to discuss certain issues with them? What are the risks? Primary prevention is extremely important, because it is one that seeks to prevent future damage.

Assistance to teachers and schools: Computer harassment, in the form of cyberbullying, It has positioned itself as one of the main problems in education of middle school. The AALCC offers talks, activities with students and / or teachers who think and act to allow this problem.

other causes: anxiety and stress caused by ICTs, interpersonal problems caused by social networks, compulsive behaviors, etc.

4) I am involved / a in a computer crime for which I am ashamed / modesty talk.

Often difficult to talk about certain topics, especially those having to do with intimate aspects of private life or. The problem is that by remaining silent and isolated, the victim ends up favoring the impunity of the aggressor. You must understand that you are not alone / a and that the aim of AALCC professionals is not to judge, but provide guidance to the victim. AALCC professionals are constantly trained and observe ethical standards, as professional secrecy and the protection of personal data.

5) What I benefit a psychological orientation of the AALCC?

The immediate benefit is to be heard, which it is not just in situations of distress related to cybercrime. Although no treatment is a way of psychotherapy, the counseling can help the victim realizes what behaviors encourage or stop the actions of her attacker and thinking strategies that can mitigate or prevent damage.