26 Aug 2017

covert child pornography on social networks . By Marcelo Romero

  1. When Youtube platform becomes the crime of CP (Child pornography) and nobody knows… exposing thousands of millions of children surfing buscandor your favorite videos..
    Being targeted by child predators….
    That is why we must fight for the possession of this material penalizes, because behind every such material.. There is child sexual abuse.-
    It is everyone's fight this.-
  2. Tips for Parents: Access youtube from the computer where the boys watch videos… go to the bottom of the page, Lapel observed RESTRICTED MODE select YES and Save Settings, This restricts several links to inappropriate content for menores.-PLEASE SHARE WHAT ALL Realize

    These examples are for illustrative purposes . If you see something like social networks , report it directly to the authorities .

the word PACK is observed again CP (next package of child pornography), While YouTube's policies do not allow this thumbnail image are seen naked from possible minor.. the video is a cartoon video… - in youtube.

In the video description.. They were observed links, which they are trimmed with shortening links, for two reasons, the first serves to publish on various sites that have restricted character and the second to not display the title of what is being published.-

these link, They carry hundreds of different folders, called PACK, with nude photographs..
of all kinds.. these reservoirs, They are located on servers outside our country, and so many times, where child pornography is not a crime.-

Enter Youtube.. Go to the bottom of the page

Touch the MODE RESTRICTED flap and replace SI… Save selection…
This restricts searches or unsuitable for minors pages..
Like anything supplanting parental care…